Microscopy and Cellular Biology – MiCell -MiCell

The IBGC Microscopy and Cellular Biology – MiCell  service (MiCell) aims to provide the IBGC scientific community with a wide range of cell biology and imaging methodologies to monitor the activity of living cells at a high spatial and temporal rate.


The mission of the IPImS is to :

  • advice and guide the researchers on the best cellular imaging methodologies to answer their scientific problematics
  • provide training courses, individual instructions and consulting on basic and advanced light microscopy techniques
  • develop new technological methodologies to answer more specific questions
  • support research while giving the researchers access to most advanced technologies in the field of cellular imaging and the analyse’s and processing’s Imaging Data developed at the nearby imaging facility of the BIC.



Microscopes available at the IBGC


Objectives 20x, 63x (oil), 100x (oil)
Filters: DAPI, GFP, CY3, TxRed, CFP, CY5
Applications: Immunofluorescence, deconvolution


Leica DMLB
Objectives 5x (air) NA 0.15, 20x (air) NA 0.5, 100x (oil) NA 1.3
Filters: DAPI, GFP, CY3
Camera: Colorview II (Soft Imaging Sytem)
Applications: Immunofluorescence, white light


Zeiss Axioskop 2 plus
Objectives 63x (oil) NA 1.4, 100x (oil) NA 1.4
Filtres: DAPI, GFP, TxRed, GFP LP, CY5
Camera: AxioCamMRm (Zeiss), AxioVision software
Applications: Immunofluorescence, white light


Olympus IX81
Objectives 20 x (sec) NA 0.45, 40x (sec) NA 0.6, 40x (oil) NA 1.3, 60x(oil) NA 1.45, 100x (oil) NA 1.4
Filters: DAPI, CFP, YFP, GFP, DsRed, mCherry, GFP LP, CY5
Camera: Hamamatsu Orca R2, pixel 6.45µm x 6;45µm, 1344 x 1024
Illumination: Olympus MT20
Laser 405 nm
Thermostatic chamber and CO2 controler: Solent Scientific
Software: Olympus Cell R
Applications: Videomicroscopy, Immunofluorescence, white light, deconvolution, photoactivation


Application illustrations


Immunofluorescence and deconvolution

MDCK cell labelled with: alpha-tubulin (green) molecular motor dynein (red)
Image taken on the Zeiss Axioskop II microscope


eq-photonique6 eq-photonique7
Images taken on the Olympus IX81 showing mitochondria in HeLa cells before (left) and after (right) deconvolution.
Images courtesy of Dr. M. Rojo.


BaLM superresolution microscopy (IBGC)



STED superresolution confocal microscopy (BIC)

Fission yeast imaged in confocal (top) or STED (bottom). Green is tubulin, red is nuclear pores cyan is SPB.
Images courtesy of Dr. I. Sagot.


GSDIM/d-STORM superresolution microscopy (BIC)

COS-7 cell were labelled with alpha-tubulin and image in TIRFM (left panel and right top panel) or d-STORM superresolution microscopy (right bottom panel).
Images courtesy of Dr. S. Lécart (CPBM).


PALM superresolution microscopy (BIC)

Arabidopsis thaliana expressing MBP-MAP4-mEos2 imaged with TIRFM (left) or superresolution PALM microscopy (right).