Credit @ Isabelle Larrieu & François Godard

The Institute of Cellular Biochemistry and Genetics is a UMR 5095 made up of 12 research teams whose activities are dedicated to fundamental research in biology. It is under the dual supervision of the CNRS (Institute of Biological Sciences, section 22) and the University of Bordeaux (Department of Biological and Medical Sciences).

The unit is in full revival and wishes to position itself as the Cell Biology unit of Bordeaux. Interdisciplinary, the UMR is composed of cell and molecular biologists, biochemists, geneticists and bioinformaticians. The staff of the unit is composed of 25 CNRS researchers (including 13 DR) and one Inserm researcher, 8 teacher-researchers and 3 emeritus researchers, 16 IT, 4 BIATSS, several researchers on fixed-term contracts and about twenty PhD and post-doctoral students. The average age of the permanent staff is 46 years (48 for the team leaders).

The unit is located in a CNRS building which has just been completely renovated. It is located on the Carreire campus of the University of Bordeaux which welcomes students in Biology and Health (Medicine, Pharmacy etc…). Our building is close to the new student building of the Crous, to the recent buildings of the Neurocampus and to the future research building of the university which will welcome in particular the Inserm unit BRIC (Bordeaux Institute of Oncology) and the CNRS unit MFP (Fundamental Microbiology and Pathogenicity), units with which our UMR has close collaborations. Our building is also close to the Bordeaux University Hospital and its research teams.

The unit is part of the regional research network Oncosphere New Aquitaine, a very dynamic interdisciplinary scientific network dedicated to cancer research and supported by the Regional Council of New Aquitaine.